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at Eden's Door Tobago

Eden's Door has six Nature Trails that provide an extraordinary cardiovascular workout called Heart Smart. Five trails are on the perimeter of the property. Our newest trail, Goodall Trek named after the renowned primatologist, Dame Jane Morris-Goodall runs through the forest, providing sightings of tropical flora and a cooler hiking experience under the shady forest canopy.

Heart Smart is Eden’s Door essential 30-minute exercise on trails sculpted out of the forest by Host Jennifer to provide superb cardiovascular fitness in an urban eco environment.

Heart Smart uses Eden’s Door naturally sloping landscape, challenging climbs, soft landings, pull-up bars and 105 steps on Trail #1 to provide cardiovascular stimulation in an oxygen-filled forest with unforgettable views and endless tropical breezes.

The Heart Smart Experience is unlikely to be recreated in an enclosed gym. Combine your exercise with our “Tips for a Healthy Heart.”

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Eden's Door Tobago

Great Cardiovascular Workouts
Essential 30 Min Exercise

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Ten HeartSmart Tips

The Trails


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Trail #1 Dr. J. D. Elder Trail: You begin at the fish pond, walk through the small vegetable garden and climb the 75 degrees trek, past Soursop Slope, Down 105 steps. You turn around and retrace your steps up the 105 steps, Enjoy a photo-op at the sign “I climbed the steps at Eden’s Door.” Head down the 75 degree slope and pause for breathing room at the pond. Rest at the edge of the pond. Take deep breaths and prepare to head off to Trail #2. Ask for a walking stick...the magical 3rd leg.

Trail #2 Churchill’s Way:From the Pond. Cross Lurene’s Walk, to the Courtyard, turn a sharp left then head up the steps of Trail #2. The climb continues steadily for 600 feet till you make a soft landing at a bench and rest stop. Pause if you wish, do some deep breathing then continue another 700feet to:

Trail #3, The Low Road. This is the right turn at the fork in the road on Trail #2 and your shortest way downhill to: The Pull-up bars in Kamal’s Unity Park or should you by-pass the park you may head directly to Audrey Jeffers Shelter. Here you may stretch out on the benches and relax under the orange and green canvas roofs. It’s about 10 degrees cooler on any given day.

Trail #4: The High Road. This is the left turn at the fork in the road on Trail#2 and your second shortest way downhill to: The Pull-up bars in Kamal’s Unity Park or should you by-pass the park you may head directly to Audrey Jeffers Shelter where it’s usually about 10 degrees cooler on any given day.

Trail # 5, The Upper Road…Mandela’s Walk, named after President Nelson Mandela, renowned freedom fighter and first Black President of South Africa. The Upper Road takes you to the highest point at Eden’s Door for breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, the hills of Les Coteau, surrounding forests and distant villages dotting the hills. Relax at the rustic Blue Bench perched dramatically atop the hill and enjoy a perfect phot-op. Descend about 300 feet along the steps on the western side of Trail#2 to Kamal’s Unity Park and the pull-up bars or the Jeffers Shelter for relaxation and deep breathing.

Trail #6: Goodall Trek…the only trail that takes you through the Forest Cathedral at Eden’s Door. Cutting a trek through the forest has been on Jennifer’s wish list for seven years. Finally, in June 2020, Jennifer found the man for the job, Lucius Williams who has opened up a brand new way to build cardio fitness and enjoy the flora and ecology of the tropical forest. You begin the trail a few feet from your cabin door, exit on Trail #2, take a Heart Smart trek to the High Road, then the Upper Road where the hill crests at the highest point of Eden’s Door, 300 feet above sea level.

Descend on the western side of Trail #2 and head to the pull-up bars at the park or make a 360 degree turn and retrace your steps up the trail, take the High Road down ½ mile on the North side of Trail #2. Just before Trail #2 ends, look to the left for steps to The Lookout for views and photos. Stroll across the Overlook to see the gigantic Heart Smart logo on the rooftop of the Audrey Jeffers Shelter. Enjoy more photos then descend to relax at the shelter or rest area. Cool down with chilled lemon grass tea or Eden’s Door smoothies made from fruit in season.

1. Take a 10-30 minute walk daily. If you don't exercise, a brief walk is great to start your day.

2. Give yourself a lift. Lift a book, water bottle or a two-pound weight a few times daily. Move to a heavier item when that becomes a breeze.

3. Eat one extra fruit or vegetable daily. Fruits and vegetables are good for everything from your brain to your bowels.

4. Make breakfast count. Start the day with some fiber. Oatmeal, bran flakes, or whole-wheat toast.

5. Stop drinking your calories. Cut out one sugar-sweetened drink a day and save 100 or more calories

6. Have a handful of nuts. Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, are good for your heart. Pass up chips or cookies. Grab some nuts. Add to salads.

7. Sample the fruits of the sea. Eat fish or other seafood instead of red meat as often as you can. It's good for the heart, the brain, and the waistline.

8. Breathe deeply. Try breathing slowly and deeply for a few minutes a day to relax and help lower blood pressure.

9. Wash your hands often. Keep scrubbing up with soap and water often during the day to avoid flu, pneumonia etc. which are hard on the heart.

10. Count your blessings. Tapping into positive emotions has been linked to better health, longer life, and greater well-being. The opposites, anger, worry, hostility, contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease.